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All of the Online Resources listed below are free to DPS students and staff.
NOTE: You may need to type in the student's last name and student I.D. number to access some of these databases. See the librarian or the office staff if you need a student I.D. #.
Online Resource
Description of Resource and links:
Grade Levels:
Free online typing program

LION Library System
LION (Library Information On the Net) is the online library catalog used by Denver Public Schools. This link will take you to the Bill Roberts School library catalog, which will allow you to find books and other materials located specifically in the Roberts library.
Grade 3--introduce & practice keyword searching, use of call #'s & locating books on shelves; locate bibliographic info. in a book;
Grades 4-5--focus & refine skills; locate appropriate books & answer research Q's.
Culture Grams: Kids Edition
Culture Grams: States Edition
The Culture Grams databases are wonderful resources for learning history and geography of places around the world.
Grade 2--introduce & practice NF research with graphic organizers & basic notetaking skills;
Grades 3-5--useful tool for Colorado history and U.S. states research.
Britannica Online School Edition (Elementary Level)
Compton's by Britannica (Middle School Level)
These are online encyclopedia subscriptions paid for by Denver Public Schools. Each includes an online dictionary and thesaurus, as well as images, embedded videos and links to other web resources.
Grade 3--introduce with
print encyclopedia, compare info. in 2 or more sources;
Grades 4-5--focus and refine skills, add bibliographic references.
Searchasaurus EBSCO database
Newsbank database
These are primarily full text magazine and newspaper article databases, with links to other resources.
Grade 4--introduce & practice comparing information in different articles; locate info. for bibliography;
Grade 5--focus & maintain.
This is a wonderful, safe (protected) and educationally based search engine paid for by Denver Public Schools. All of the web sites accessible via this search engine are regularly reviewed and considered reliable.
Grade 3--introduce & practice;
Grades 4-5--focus, add bibliographic references & evaluating a web site.
Globio Glossopedia
An easy general information site with great pictures, video clips and simple text.
Grades 1 & 2--beginning research.
Animal, Nature & Science Website
Exploring Nature Educational Resource
This site is intended for grades K-8 and features a searchable database of more than 1,500 animals categorized by classification (mammals, birds, etc.), by trait (scavengers, carnivores, etc.) by habitat (rainforest animals, desert animals) and by geographic location. Additional resource databases include plants, trees, biomes, adaptations, space and the human body. The site also features Nature Movies, Ask the Zoo Vet, Scientists You Should Know, Invasive Species, and much more.

Animals page
Grade 1--introduce with animal research unit and basic notetaking using a graphic organizer.
Grades 2 & up--use for reference & research.
National Geographic Kids
Learn about Animals
Learn about many different kinds of animals!

Kids InfoBits
Grades 1-3
General reference (Non-Fiction) info. This database will also read the text out loud.
3rd-4th grade Colorado
Research Sites

Links to Websites about Famous Colorado People:
1) Notable Coloradans -Colorado Historical Society
2) Colorado History in Photos
3) Short Biographies of Famous Coloradans
4) Doing History/Keeping the Past-Famous Coloradans
5) Comprehensive list of Colorado characters
6) Characters by categories
7) Doing History General page

Links to Colorado Landmarks and Famous Places:
1) Official Landmark List
A list of National Historic Colorado landmarks with an active link to each site's webpage
2) Colorado Physical, Cultural and Historical Features
3) Enchanted Learning.com-Colorado General information about Colorado
4)Colorado Historical Locations

DENVER Landmarks:
1) Denver Attractions
2) Official list
3) Denver Buildings

What was happening in the world in the year....???
Kids.Net.Au-Encyclopedia This is a great online encyclopedia resource to find important people and events in history. First, click on the century you want (Example: The 19th century includes the years 1800-1899). You will get a list of important people and events during that century. If you want to know what happened during a certain decade (ex. 1860's) or a specific year, scroll down and click on the decade/year you want! (Tip: It may be easier to choose a decade first to get an overview of important events, then narrow it down to a year)

These are some useful sites for 3rd & 4th grade classes for Colorado History Research
Regions of the United States--
Research Sites
United-States-Flag-icon.pngRegions of the United States and information

United-States-Flag-icon.pngCultural facts by U.S. region
United-States-Flag-icon.pngGreat facts of 50 states
United-States-Flag-icon.pngGeography and climate of the 50 states
United-States-Flag-icon.pngEnergy resources by state
United-States-Flag-icon.pngHistory and fun facts about the 50 states
United-States-Flag-icon.pngQuick facts about the 50 states)
United-States-Flag-icon.pngCulture and lots of great info. about the United States
United-States-Flag-icon.pngGreat information state by state OK
United-States-Flag-icon.pngFrom the Internet Public Library, visit each state OK
3rd & 4th Grades
5th Grade Research
American Revolutionary War
Generic Am. Rev. war pic.jpg
Click HERE to see to see a list of online resources organized by topic

Shakespeare Websites