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Click the following links to see Middle School technology projects. All projects are research based.
General Course descriptions,
Skills & Tech Tools
Grades & Courses
Website links
Digital storytelling &
Virtual video making
--Using Animoto
--Using Green screens
--Creative writing & podcasting
6th gr.
7th gr.
"Ancient Civilizations"
6th-8th grades
"World Issues"
RobertsK8Students Wiki Website
Website creation
--Research an aspect of
Medieval life and times
--share research via several
Web 2.0 tools by embedding
HTML code on web pages

Google Site Design Elective
--Students design a Google Website and learn all the tools
& tricks of website design
--Students use various Web 2.0 & digital tools to embed on their website(e.g., BeFunky, Voki, Animoto, Audacity, etc.)
7th gr.
"Medieval Times"

6th gr.
Design and customize a website to serve as an e-portfolio of digital projects
Wikispaces Website Tool:

Google Site Design:
Google Earth Adventure
--Research/Problem-Solving using keywords
--Google Earth--advanced features
--Create a Photo Journal (Mixbook)
--Geography & Social Studies
8th gr.
"Travel the World
with Google Earth"
AroundTheEarth-Website & Student Work
The Game of Life
--Research/Problem-Solving using keywords
--Google Accounts: Google Drive, Google Docs,
Google Presentations
--Budgeting: MS Excel Spreadsheets
--Math: Calculate costs, make decisions using "real world"
7th & 8th grades
"Play the Game of Life":
  • Choose your career
  • Buy a house
  • Buy a car
  • Pay your bills
  • Plan for life's challenges
  • Save for vacation!
Game of Life Website
DPS Google Account Student Login

DPS Google