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This page presents the awards, accomplishments and recognition for Bill Roberts' School Teacher-Librarian, Suzanne Frachetti, and the outstanding library program she has established. Please scroll down the page to see all awards and recognition.

Recognition for the publication of 3rd grade biography book, Clara Brown, written by Suzanne Frachetti, Teacher-Librarian & other teachers:

From the DPS Press Release Archives:


DPS Teachers Become Authors of Colorado History Biographies

external image Great%20Lives%20Team%202.JPG
Denver - Colorado history teachers across the state will soon be utilizing 13 biographies of notable Coloradans written by Denver Public Schools teachers. The biographies, called Great Lives in Colorado History, were written for third- and fourth-grade students by Denver teachers. The biographies are of Coloradans who have influenced Colorado history, such as Zebulon Montgomery Pike, Clara Brown, Little Raven, Barney Ford, Doc Susie, and Charles Boettcher. The biography series comes to fruition after months of joint efforts by Denver Public Schools, Colorado Humanities, and Filter Press.
  • "This project came about because of a great need for third-grade teachers in Colorado to have high-quality support materials in both Spanish and English to help bring these historical figures to life," said DPS Superintendent Tom Boasberg. "I want to deeply thank our teacher authors from the Denver Public Schools who teamed up to address this need and move this project forward."
  • History Colorado and Social Studies supervisors across the state have touted the project. DPS will gather feedback from teachers who incorporate the biographies into their teachings this year.
  • The Great Lives in Colorado History authors were recognized by Supt. Boasberg at a special launch celebration at the Denver Art Museum on Thursday night.
  • "These Denver teachers have made a terrific contribution to the teaching profession in Colorado," Boasberg said, "And their work will be of great value to teachers throughout the city and the state."

The series is available for purchase by Colorado school districts.
Books written by 3 William Roberts School teachers are highlighted in yellow:

Great Lives in Colorado History Series

  • Helen Hunt Jackson by E.E. Duncan (Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment)

  • Little Raven by Cat DeRose (Trevista at Horace Mann ECE-8 School)

  • Barney Ford by Jamie Trumbull (William Roberts ECE-8 School)

  • Doc Susie by Penny Cunningham (Maxwell Elementary)

  • Enos Mills by Steve Walsh (Ellis Elementary)

  • William Bent by Cheryl Beckwith (William Roberts ECE-8 School)

  • Charles Boettcher by Grace Zierkelbach (Harrington Elementary)

  • Ralph Carr by E.E. Duncan (Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment)

  • Josephine Aspinall Roche by Martha Biery (Cory Elementary)

  • Robert Speer by Stacy Turnbull (Harrington Elementary)

  • Chief Ouray by Steve Walsh (Ellis Elementary)

  • Zebulon Pike by Steve Walsh (Ellis Elementary)

  • Clara Brown by Suzanne Frachetti (William Roberts ECE-8 School)

Posted - Thursday, September 22, 2011

Recognition for 21st Century Teaching and Learning through the Bill Roberts Library Program:
In May, 2009, Ms. Frachetti was one of a handful of teacher-librarians across Denver Public Schools to be nominated for a prestigious award in 21st Century Learning. As part of this nomination, she was video taped in action and a DVD was created to be shared across the district. This video was also posted to YouTube and can be seen by clicking the link below (please be patient, it takes a few minutes to load). [Note: If you are unable to view the video below, you can view the video on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4i9lpDbRtBw]