2012-13 Ms. Haven's 1st Grade Class

Students worked in collaborative groups of 4 or 5 to research the Habitat, Favorite Foods, Enemies and a "Wow" fact about an animal of their choice. Students then used key word search strategies to locate appropriate pictures to represent their research and save them to a shared server folder location. Finally, students wrote engaging sentences based on their research to present their learning.

Animal Research
Group & Student Researchers
Final Video Project
Habitat: Gracie Ella
Food: Quinn
Enemy: Julia
Wow!: Maisie

Habitat: Evan
Food: Spencer
Enemy: Jacob and Cristian
Wow!: Victoria

Prairie Dog
Habitat: Olivia
Food: Charlie
Enemy: Linus
Wow!: Shelby

Habitat: Elliot
Food: Sam
Enemy: Joe and Jaylen
Wow!: Joey

Habitat: Autumn
Food: Mayaha
Enemy: Grace
Wow!: Marin