2012-13 4th gr. Colorado History Projects

4th Grade Colorado History Research Project
  1. This was a collaborative project between Ms. Frachetti, teacher-librarian and 3rd-4th grade teachers: Mrs. Gasamis & Ms. Beckwith; Mrs. Beckler & Mrs. Markson Students were organized into cooperative research groups to research important groups of people, individuals, places and events which have impacted Colorado history.
  2. Students learned and used various online resources, including Searchasaurus EBSCO magazine database, Nettrekker--an educational search engine, websites and books to gather specific information to answer guided research questions about their topics;
  3. Students worked in groups using critical thinking and key words to locate online images that best represented their topic.
  4. Groups then traveled back in time to their image destination using Green Screen technology to present their learning in a fun, creative way!

4th Grade Colorado History Time Travel Video
When you click the play button, the video will play from the beginning. It just appears to be set in the middle. Please be patient, it may take a few minutes to load!
HR Teacher/Class
Ms. Beckler and Markson's
4th Grade Class

Ms. Beckwith's
4th Grade Class