1st gr. reseach, '08-'09

Bill Roberts 1st Grade Research and Non-Fiction Writing:

Description of project:
Each student chose an animal to research and write about. In library classes, we learned how to use a graphic organizer to take notes about our animals, including their habitats, type of animal, favorite foods, worst enemies and interesting facts. Students used the table of contents, pictures and other text features to find the information they needed in a book about their animal. Then students learned how to select, copy and save a picture of their animal from the internet. In the classroom, students used their graphic organizer notes to write a non-fiction report about their animal in the first person. Then they practiced reading it for fluency and expression. Finally, we used an internet resource called Blabberize to record their voices reading their animal reports, while making their animal talk! Everyone did a great job and the kids had a lot of fun while they learned some valuable skills.

Click on the name of your child's teacher (below) to hear and see your child's finished product. The images are labeled with each child's first name below it. The student projects are not in any particular order, so you may need to scroll down the page a bit to find your child. Note: There are a lot of pictures with audio scripts, so it may take a few minutes to load!:

Mrs. Huggard's Class Projects

Mrs. Markson's Class Projects

Mrs. Estrada/Mrs. Thomas's Class Projects

If you have any questions about this project or are unable to view your child's animal report, please contact Ms. Frachetti in the library for assistance. I really enjoyed working with all the 1st grade students on this project!---Suzanne Frachetti, Teacher-Librarian